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Ousted Princess (Modern Princess Collection)

I was humiliated at the end of freshman year. Now all I want to do is focus on my studies and avoid my former friend and love of my life, Sean Courtright. And I was doing just fine on all accounts until my favorite professor asked me for a favor: tutor the boy who shattered my heart.    


If the request had come from anyone else, I would have turned him down.    


Oh boy, I should have…Being cramped in the same room each day, his familiar scent wraps around me and soon, we both slip back into old patterns. If that wasn’t enough, Sean raises the stakes and offers me a bet, one I can’t possibly turn down, even if it sounds way too familiar to last year's broken heart.    


Will fate allow us a second chance at love? Or will it all come crash down, for the second time? ​


This story is part of the Modern Princess Collection (you can find more info on the collection here).

Ousted Princess
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