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Life Update and New House!

What a month, or several months as it were. There has been a lot going on. First, I bought my own townhouse, which means I moved. Second, I’m almost done with Tailor Fit! And Third, I have no third, but I can’t not do this without a third.

The house, it’s a cute 2 bedroom and 1.5 bathroom and has a cute back patio, which is covered in old plastic bins that is now my garden! I saw something on youtube about raised bed, then as I was unpacking I was like why I can use these, so thus the raised garden in plastic bins. It may not work and if not, oh well… There's always next year, right?

Speaking of planting, I have 5 tomato plants and two cucumber plants. However, we had a hail storm a few nights ago and my cucumber is looking pretty sad and two of my tomato plants. I also have two “salad” bowls,or these big pots that are full of lettuce, spinach, and two other greens that I can’t recall right now.

Oh, did you not know that I have this plant obsession? It’s true. I can’t go to Lows anymore alone, or I come home with a few more plants. They are cute! And usually the “exotic” kind. I currently have 11 plants around my house and three one my desk at work. Don’t worry, I’ll add more to my house once I finish unpacking!

I only have about six more boxes to unpack and then I’ll be done! And everything will have a home. Just need to get a dresser then I can stop using my bookshelves as my dresser. Until then…

The pups, in case you were wondering about them and the move, are doing great! Tracer is good as long as he’s with me. He doesn’t care what happens as long as I come home and take him with me. Lucy on the other hand, she’s not as great as Tracer. She misses Grandpa. But don’t worry, the dogs go over to his apartment once a week and hang out with him. Keeps him young and Lucy happy.

As for writing, I have a few more thousand to write and Tailor Fit will be DONE! Yeeeeeeees. Then time for the rereads. I made a big change in the middle to the end of the book, so the beginning needs to be revamped up to that.

I also have another story I’m outlining and will have ready to start writing once Tailor Fit goes off to the editor. This one… It’s a… I can’t tell you yet, but just know that you will LOVE it!

Lastly, did you know that I have my first signing in July! Yup, Books By The Bridge! If you are in the San Fran area, come see me! Or want to travel and see us all that works too! And as a reader I’ll be attending Love N’ Books in Vegas, and Shameless in Orlando! I’m stoked to be going back to both this year as a reader and seeing everyone.

Click on the link to get tickets off the web page.

What I’m reading: My Kind of Perfect by K.L

What I’m listening to: You are a Goddess by Sophia Bashford and Neptune by Anna Banks

What I’m watching: Accidentally in Love (it’s a Korean Drama, and I flove those!)

What I’m jamming out to: Tailor Fit playlist or Me, by Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie

PS... Did you know that I write and Published a book back in February? Yup! It's three short stories all revolving around Valentines Day!

Check it out now: 

A few authors to check out, click on the images and it will take you to Amazon:

Welcome to Your Life by Katrina Marie

$0.99 Cents or #FREE in KU 

(I listened to this via Audio and it was amazing!)

Anthony by Kelsie Rae

Coming June 25, 2019!

Pre-Order now from Amazon!

(I got to read some of the first draft of this and it was amazing, now to read it polished!)

A Half Made Whole by K. Leah

$2.99 or #FREE in KU

(I read this via ebook and I freaking love her writing!)

Pillow Talk by Brittany Holland

$2.99 or #FREE in KU

(I read this via ebook and I loved it!)

My Published Books 

Tailor Made

$2.99 or #FREE in KU



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