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Typing The End on my First Ever Novel

Can you believe that Tailor Made has been out for almost 5 weeks now? I can't. Nope. Nope. And Nope. I just can't.

I never thought that this small little idea would ever grow and become something that I published. That people all over the WORLD would be reading it. Yup, all over the world. I've had a few sales in Europe, Canada, Australia and here in the US. It blows my mind. 

I also didn't know how much I would learn. Like my use of "I", it is my favorite letter, word, and sentences starter! Or how when I put my mind to something I can see it to the end. There for a bit, I thought Tailor Made was dead in the water, as it were, but I choose to dust it off and polish it up. The best lesson I learned, was the support that people would have for me. If it wasn't for Grandpa (yes I live with him) asking me about my book almost daily, it was my other family members. And if a day went by where they weren't asking about it, then it was my author and blogger friends. Later came the readers. My dear readers, I love you so much. 

I hope to never forget this experience, the highs and lows, the darkness and the light, the good and the bad. I've learned so much and grown more then I ever though I could in one year. It took me almost a year from writing the first word, You'll, to the last word, one. About 260 days to be almost exact. 260 days where two characters filled my mind and wouldn't stop talking until I pushed publish. Two characters that will stay with me for the rest of time. Two characters that had a story to be told. 

Can I give you an #authorconfess? I haven't read Tailor Made, word by word since the first draft. All of my editing was done in pieces. It didn't hit me until a few weeks ago that I honestly don't know scene by scene what happens. I know the parts but not the order they go in. I also know the stuff that has happened after typing The End, and I know, I know, readers would love a novella to see more of them being together, maybe one day... maybe. 

I never thought that the voices I hear in my head (not like that) would ever be shared with someone else. Never occurred to me that people just might enjoy what I enjoy thinking about. 

I've always had a story in my head, something twirling around and shaping the images I see in my own mind. And to have one story written down for others has been a dream come true. In fact, I told myself at age 12 that I wouldn't ever become an author, because I can't spell. That I'm not good enough. Yes, I told myself that. I even throw away my first ever book about four friends that were in High School. I want to say I have about six chapters written before I chucked it. My friend was also writing about High School and her story was just so much better then mine, so I quit. Only to get back up again, years later, and write my own story about a girl and boy falling in love. 

If you don't think you can do it, think again. If you think you aren't good enough, I'll tell you you are. If you have a small idea in your mind, I'll tell you to reach for it and jump. Dream big. Then achieve.

  • Only you can my your own dreams come true. - Tasha Lewis

  • Dream Big. Follow through. - Anissa Garcia 

  • Trust. There's that word again. I did. I let go of my fears and had faith in a man I didn't' really know. And now, instead of following, I'm leading myself through the unknown. - Cary Hart

  • Live life with no fear! Then you'll live your most authentic life! A life you actually love. - Abs

  • Give back to my community by writing a book! Show them their words helped me. Kandi Stiner

  • Say what you see, and then get on with the story. - Stephen King

  • You are your own worst critic, you know. Perhaps you should work on becoming your own #1 fan. - Stuart Clements

  • Dream. Try. Do good. - Mr. Feeny

  • Feel the fear, and do it anyway. Lisa Sorbe

  • It's too early in life to think of the past. - Stanishlav Spacil

  • One should live ever single moment according to their best knowledge and conscience because one day we will see clearly what has real value. - Jan Langer

  • To those who dream... find what gives you passion, light that match and ignite your soul. - A.M. Johnson

These are all quote that I have on my desk, and some nights while writing Tailor Made, I had to read each one in order to form my own words and press on. 

Press on and write your own story. Don't give up. You've got this! 

Before I go, could you fill out my Year End Survey? (Click on survey.) I'd be very grateful for your insight. Thank you again for your support and encouragement as I FINALLY published Tailor Made. You have meant the world to me. 

Cheers - until next time. 



Haven't read Tailor Made yet, buy it now - (Please leave a review after you've read it): 

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