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Update: Writing Life and Tailor Fit


I feel like it’s been ages! Because it has been. And since the last email that went out, I’ve finally picked a released date for Tailor Fit… DRUM ROOOOOLL Please... November 4th! Which is around when Tailor Made was released a year ago (November 11th, 2018). Kind of crazy that a year later I’m releasing my next full length novel. Someone pinch me. JK don’t… cuz I don’t don’t want to wake up for this beautiful dream!

And guess what I have just for you all… An interview with Remy, our lead male in Tailor Fit - stick around, that will be at the end of this Newsletter.

In July I had my first ever book signing! Eeeek, that was epic! Not only did I sell out of Tailor Made, but I had an author, Sadia Ash recognize my name and called me out! It was pretty amazing. She was so insightful to talk with and just one of the kindest authors ever. She even gave me her first book signed! And I got to meet one of my all time favorite business minded authors, Mignon Mykel. I’ve not ever read her books, but any post that she comments on or makes about being an author, I gobble it up! Her insight is amazing. And she takes epic photos! See below, she took this of us. I really need to learn how to take photos.

I finally figured out how I wanted to organize most of my books, since moving in two months ago. One in my room is via rainbow (my favorite combo). Another is books about craft or journals. I had no idea I had so many journals! Another is just kind of random left over that didn’t fit on the rainbow shelf, or were in book series and I didn’t want to break them up. Oddly enough, my setup isn’t on a bookshelf, but the books piled on the floor! Now I just pray that Lucy and Tracer (my doggos) don’t eat them up or something else one day, like pee on them (Tracer has this habit of peeing if I don’t take him outside when he wants to go.). My other favorite shelf is my Harry Potter shrine. Go Hufflepuff!

Anyway, a few dates to keep your eyes open for:

September 17th: Tailor Fit Cover Reveal

October Early: ARC will go out

November 4th: Tailor Fit Releases! I’ll have a preorder up for it when it gets a little closer

And NEXT YEAR, I’ll have my second singing in San Antonio Texas - June 20, 2020 <- You don’t want to miss this signing BECAUSE Kelsie Rae, Katrina Marie (my author besties), and I have something EPIC we will be doing and talking about … So come join us!

Get your tickets here

Who doesn't love seeing Tracer (brown) and Lucy (black)

Who’s ready for our interview with Remy St. Claire?

Me: Hello Remy *I cross my legs and try to keep my wandering eyes to myself*

Remy: I saw that

Me: You saw nothing. Now let’s start off with something easy, favorite drink of choice?

Remy: Before or after?

Me: Before or after what?

Remy: My book is published, you know, I kind of have two sides to me.

Me: Ohhhhh riiiiiight. Let’s do… Before your book’s published. *I casually wink at him*

Remy: Whiskey of course and hold the coke, I know you and Rayleigh love that sugary crap.

Me: Hey don’t knock our favorite drink. Ray gets me!

Remy: I know she does, some would say she’s a lot like you. Are you willing to elaborate on that?

Me: Hey now! This is an interview about you, not me buddy. *I stare him down*.

Remy: *Winks at me*

Me: You little flirt, maybe we should have done after Claire.

Remy: *Sits up a little straighter in his chair* No need to call her in.

Claire: Hey guys, what you all talking about?

Me: Oh just doing an interview.

Clarie: Oooh, Can I join? This should be fun. Almost like our first not date, but date, where we played twenty questions.

Remy: Hey don’t give our story away. The readers haven’t read it yet. But yea, something like that.

Claire: I’m not giving it away, just giving them a little taste of what they can expect.

Remy: *Stares at Claire* *Claire stares back at Remy*

Me: Okay you two, if you are staying Claire, we need Remy to focus here, because I really do need to get back to editing your book so it’s ready for our readers!

Remy: Yeah, one sec *He tucks a strand of Claire’s long dark hair behind her ears*.

Me: *I look away, giving them a second. It’s not like they don’t spend every moment together, or anything. Clearing my throat* Okay you two, Remy tell me are you more of an optimistic or pessimist?

Remy: Pessimistic.

Claire: No you are not.

Remy: This is pre our book being published. And before you came into my world, I wasn’t the happiest of guys. You can say my light was a little dull until you came and brightened it up, Little Star.

Claire: Aww, that’s so sweet. Stop making we swoon for you even more.

Me: And me too. The pre-Remy was an ASSSSSS. He’s right Claire, you totally brightened him up.

Claire: *Her cheeks are turning a bright pink, and Remy’s new favorite color, or so I’m told ;) *.

Me: *Clears throat again* At this rate, I may have to excuse you Claire. *I give her a pointed look*

Claire: *Sitting straighter on Remy’s lap and looking at me* I’ll be good and quiet!

Me: Yeah, it’s not you I’m worried about. *giving Remy a look and all he does is grin back at me. I swear this man could get away with murder and I would still love him, shh don’t tell Mason*

Remy: Next question.

Me: Do you ever just do something… just to see how it will turn out?

Remy: Pusssh, are you serious, I always was doing stuff to get a reaction out of people, and still do from time to do.

Claire: Ouch *as she jumps a foot in the air* you pinched me. Jerk.

Remy: My point exactly.

Me: *rolling my eyes* Let’s do a rapid fire of this or that shall we, I need to get back to edits?

*Both nod their head*

Me: Chicken or Steak?

Remy: Steak Medium Rare

Me: Dog or cat?

Remy: Dog

Me: Cardio or Weights? Remy: Cardio, it’s how I keep my temper down

Me: Music or Podcasts:

Remy: Music

Me: Last one, cake or pie?

Remy: Pie, Apple pie to be exact.

Claire: Really? I didn’t know that last one. I’ll have to have my dad make you his famous Pecan Pie, you will love it.

Remy: I’m sure I will. Your pops can cook just about anything and I’ll eat it. The man is great at cooking.

Me: Well thank you both for your participation. I’ve got to get going, while you two keep making googly eyes at each other. My single but is going to go and swoon over your actions to one another…

Until next time…

Want to know what I'm currently reading? Check it out below. Click the cover and it will take you to amazon to check out the book.

An all new standalone novel from Kathryn Andrews, that is a delicious, sweet southern treat of a second chance sports romance.Lexi JarviePie isn’t just a dessert, it’s a way of life. Pies, fillings, jams, jellies, honey, they’re all a part of my award-winning business, Firefly Kitchen. After being left behind, by everyone, I was determined to make it all on my own, and I have. I love what I do, I love what I’ve created, and I love who I’ve become. Yes, it’s small, but it’s mine, and nothing or no one can stop me now. Not even Bryan Brennen. He may have returned, but it won’t be long before he leaves. And regardless of which way you slice it, some things can’t be forgotten, no matter how sweet the taste.Bryan BrennenFootball isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life. I’ve spent more years than I can remember chasing my dream. When you come from nothing, it’s even more important to become something. The unstoppable drive and incomparable determination that is ingrained in me has gotten me to where I am now; twenty-eight years old and undoubtedly the best professional quarterback in the league. To be happy is to be perfect. Plans, plays, passes, I’ve mastered them all, but it was never just for me, it was for her, too. Only she doesn’t know it, and now, ten years later, I’m ready to tell her.She’s a small town girl. He’s a household name. Off the field and out of the kitchen, will they break and crumble, or finally get their second chance at the biggest game of them all . . . love.

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